SSC: a fly in a bucket of milk

this is going to be an open thread discussion on racism in our society.

“…we live in a world today where there should be no color,’’ Simmonds went on. “You should judge a person by their inside and not by the way that they look, by their appearance. It just sucks that’s the way it is right now.’’
Carolina Hurricanes v Philadelphia Flyers

-Wayne Simmonds-

most black folks aren’t shocked by racism. its a way of life. it is what has become an expectation. it is what it pretty much is. we face it. even if we are mixed, we have no choice if there is coloring or features that places us in the one drop rule we are forced by the society that we live to be, as crazy as it may seem, black.

and as black goes, comes a whole lot of bullshyt burdens that goes along with it. the biggest is stereotypes.

the things we mostly don’t do, can’t do, and unfortunately for a large percentage of people, shouldn’t do. and there’s a whole lot of bs in that “should’t do” category.

…but today as Folk was watching some Little League (LL) Baseball and NASCAR, Folk was reminded of the fvcked up nature of our society and some of the insensitive things that people in the media will say that, whether they mean to or not, plays into the stereotypes of people of color. For instance during the little league an announcer proclaimed the “surprise” that comes from “south side Chicago!”. Uhhhh…. why is this a surprise. Because the media focuses on the negative and not the positive until you’re forced not to ignore the good that are within these communities that are painted one way in the news as if there isn’t any crime in neighborhoods of other ethnicities?!?!?!

…and we’re not even going to get into the many twisted statements that came up in the NASCAR programming. but someone did message Folk on the FB inqiring about who were Folk’s favorite drivers. Folk responded with Dale Jr and Darrell Wallace Jr. Folk got the who is Darrell Jr response.

Darrell Wallace Jr

…and this is from a so called NASCAR fan. needless to say Folk didn’t respond.

the world pays little attention to the things that don’t “fit” into these nice little categories that we’ve allowed others to place people of various backgrounds into. Folk makes Folk’s living in a very conservative white male dominated company and let Folk tell ya, it hasn’t been easy. There are some really fvcked up people that Folk have had to deal with.

…but this isn’t about Folk, this is about all people of color. this is about the reality that a white man has walked out of the hospital “CURED” of ebola which kills thousands of Africans. and yet, no one seems to care about them, but we’re sure happy we saved that one white guy.

or the outrage of the white guy that was murdered by ISIS. sure its sad to see anyone die in the face of fvcked up hatred toward one group, but up until that moment there was no collective outcry of the slaughter of thousands of semi brown people by ISIS because of their religion. the scenarios go on and on, but what’s really going to grind the gears of many of these people who are “shocked” by the success of some despite the “enviornment” that they spring forth when they realize that the world is mostly made up of people of COLOR.

instead of being a fly in a bucket of milk, milk is going to realize it is spilled on brown earth surrounded by flies.

what flies do you have in your ointment this week? open thread discussion on racism in our society.

SSC: summer blockbuster movie edumacation

I’ve learned that no matter how desperate the situation there is always time for a romantic spark to exist. Even if every gut intuition screams that this stolen moment is impossible, there it is.

I’ve learned that you can be the smartest man on the planet in your field of study but you still need guidance from a council of white men.

I’ve learned that even if you’re the brightest woman in the galaxy, soon to become immortal, you still require the assistance of a white man to complete your mission. In short, to be complete.

I’ve learned that you can be a kind soul with great intentions, but without the approval of a white man you will lose your fvcking mind. Because without this white man’s approval, you feel as if you’ve amounted to nothing in this world.

I’ve learned that a squad of a few from various backgrounds and ethnic groups cannot band together without the guidance of a white man and become guardians of the universe.

Hell, I’ve learned that a powerful woman that is an icon in American folk lore is not powerful enough to stand on her own two feet, despite there are numerous animations to the contrary, without the support of two.. TWO white men to overshadow her. …sorry Wonder Woman.

I’ve learned that minorities are mostly evil, lower class citizens (even in fvcked up alternate universes), support characters, or props.

I’ve learned that despite the evil that white men portray, there is often a reason of why they have turned their backs on society and there is always a white man or woman there to give them a chance of redemption before judgment.

I’ve learned that there are an infinite number of bad guys in some darken costume for heroes (read white male lead) to conquer, destroy, kill, overcome and their aim is fvcking horrible. Not to mention subpar fighting skills. By the way, where da fvck do all these fvckers come from anyway. There are a lot of evil bad guy chuck-holds going on with infinite pearl necklaces. Freaky shyt on the back lot.

I’ve learned this summer through the many movies that I’ve watched this summer that you ain’t shyt unless there is a white man that leads, guides, shapes, supports, or blesses you.

See what’s going on in America is an extension of what we have been emtionally, mentally, and psychologically programmed to believe. We can’t get beyond daily stereotypes in our regular day to day lives until the stereotypes of our heroes, our fantasies, our hopes are treated equally and fully integrated.

We are forever locked in this cycle because our imaginations wear chains cast from the fires of misogyny, racism, homophobia, bigotry, and fear.

Praise white jesus.

What have you learned in the movies this summer?
praise jesus

SSC: what you need to know about ebola

okay did you get it? have you got it? you know why you need to know about this and the urgency to finding a cure?

…because “white folks!”

yup, Folk said it!

ebola has been uncurable for decades and longer. it was discovered in the seventies and fvckers where like… eh. ebola has been killing africans left and right year over year er’year, but now that two white people got the motherfvcking ebola disease all of a sudden “we” have an idea of how to keep the disease at bay and “we” must find a cure.

really? seriously? just gonna show how fvcking racist this shyt is and has been just like that? shyt didn’t even make the news until a “poor humanitarian worker” contracted this “horrible” disease.

shyt been horrible the whole fvcking time africans were laying in the river bleeding from their eyes but now….

this right here is why there need to be equal representation in all areas of the sciences to bring focus that “humanity” includes all races of people, not just the ones that “matter.”

fvck it.

havent white suffered enough people

SSC: I lie. A lot

being an only child raised by grandparents from a different america than which we live today provides both benefits and present quite the few challenges.

i learned that the world did not and does not revolve around me. i learned to be specific regarding my request. i learned that children (sic me) are to be seen and not heard. i learned that reacting to my emotions were not a good thing, unless they were feelings of happiness and contentment. i learned to conversate with purpose.

i failed to learn how to manipulate the maze of social groups dependent on inclusiveness, feelings, pride, gloat, and petty bs. as a result i have difficulty in many situations being compasionate beyond a certain point. so i lie.

as i walked through the door, i was greeted. hello, how are you. i responded in kind, hi i’m good and you?

southern pleasantry. spoke when spoken to. greet with cheer and dignity. say yes ma’am and yes sir. smile. despite the inner turmoil that tears at my soul. the response sent my limbic system into overdrive. because, i’m not good. because i just lied to someone that i don’t know.

…and i realize that i lie. a lot. i lie to a lot of people about a lot of things in the name of being polite and southernly. i hide my true feelings routinely from everyone because it is what i was taught. besides we live in a country where there is rarely concern for others and their mental state.

so i will continue. i will go on in my life. lying, for the greater good of something… i’m a southerner and i’m proud. but this begs to question, is this a societal norm? do you lie? why and why not?

SSC: The secret religious cult- American.

we’re all born into this cult known as the “american dream.” its bread into our daily actions, taught to our kids through visual queues, direct feeds via culture, and the golden calf known as capitalism. we can’t escape it. as much as Folk can see through the bs of the occult known as american, Folk is part of the system and daily contributes to the continuation of the established religion known as american, cloaked in the robes of christianity, loyalty, and love.

even our relationships are baked into this wayward thinking. we’re sold on the idea that dreams come true, that true love equates to an everlasting relationship without turmoil or spoil. yet we cling to these ideas as roughly 50% of every formal union ends in a dissolution.

Folk’s faith in the americanized form of christianity was shattered early as there were no answer to fundamental questions that persecutes the ignorant, damns the unfortunate, and condemned the uneducated. what type of craziness is this? what god basis salvation on a system that favors the “blessed” and encourages “status quo” of the poor through “faith” in a better life… later. just be paitent and pay your monies to the building that an omnipresent deity that does not believe in materialism but apparently needs to kick feet up in a spot that has to be decked out to “his” greatness at every street corner.

…and why is god in caucasian cultures a male? not saying that god needs to be defined by a gender, but it seems that this too is a perpetuation of a baked in gender bias that was metisculously designed to benefit the white male agenda.

Folk has been torn and pulled in every way this past year. cancer has struck my family, ideologies of ever lasting loves have been vaporized, left bowed at the feet of corporate america…

my once eyes full of hope laced with denial has been open wide with chlorine applied. yet, i find my faith growing within. it is as i can clearly see through the veil of bs that i once bought into lifted. but to those close, it appears that this new marrage to reality leaves me cold, heartless, and distant. there’s truth to all of those observations.

besides, aren’t all our motives in the cult of americana leads our actions to serve ourselves first? to protect self and to get all we can for self regardless of the harm it causes to self and others? is this not the god that we serve in our cult known as americana? are we not fully self aware of our ignorance as we proclaim we’re number one while knowing that we are not? is this not the system designed to lie to others just to achieve selfish goals while we tell ourselves we’re protecting them from us? it is better that they not know… right?

tell that to the many societies we ignore their suffering in the name of providing them an opportunity to develop without our interference, no need to consider they have no resources or strategic defence location we’re interested in. tell that to the millions who starve on our streets daily, no need to consider millions of food that is disposed of in the name of preserving them from potentially hazardous old produce as they eat from the dumpsters of the establishments that are “required” to dispose of these items.

we lie. we’re bastards to ourselves and each other. true there is some good that comes from us individually. …many times collectively. this isn’t the dark piece it plays out to be. no as the title suggest, we live within a cult, yet we find a way to somehow live.

reality is a byotch. but when we embrace the byotch of reality is when we can truly begin to live in the freedom of the cold embrace of reality while holding hands with death daily and smiling in the glory of the darkness which is life giving light to those lost in the cult of fantasy.

what say you? have you found through your journey of life as the veil of fantasy has been pulled back to reveal the ugliness of reality that you find freedom in the darkness of accepting the reality of life that eliminates the fantasy of dreams? …there is something attractive about a woman without makeup.