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Dearest Wasalu Muhammad Jaco (Lupe Fiasco) – HAVE A DAMN SEAT.

I'm a fan of Lupe Fiasco. He's one of those "take-what-you-need-leave-what-you-don't" rappers.  In a completely different TWYNLWYD way than a rapper who I'm fond of because of his musicality, his production and beats only. Lupe, IMO tends to drop some serious knowledge and inspiration in his songs...but he also tends to devolve into conspiracy theories and unhelpful ramblings. One thing you can give him however is CONSISTENCY.  As he continues to gator spin into apocalyptic conspiracy holes (it seems to have gotten worse over the years), he decided to pour cold water over the accomplishments of some black men who graduated from a Chicago school recently: Dozens of young, black men who recently graduated from area high schools gathered Saturday to be honored for their achievement, but they also got a dose of reality from rapper Lupe Fiasco. The local rapper began by saying, “Congratulations, you have graduated from one of the most terrible, substandard school systems in the entire world. You have just spent the last . . . 12 years receiving one of the worst educations on earth. You are at least four, five steps behind people in other countries that are younger than you.. Oh really, Lupe? Tell me more? Transition to manhood is the most important thing that’s [...]

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Dove’s Real Beauty Campaign ..For Men? (bsfw)

Recently I posted about a unique marketing campaign the Dove soap company was working on, challenging women to examine their own self-image versus the way that other people saw them. Knowing that many times people can be their own worst critic, and that having negative view of your inner beauty can be a hindrance to living your life to it's fullest potential -- Dove hired a former forensics artist to make two drawings of several women. One based on their own descriptions, and a second based off the details provided by someone who had only just met them. The differences were striking. The ad campaign isn't without it's critics -- several people have made mention of the campaign's apparent message that a womans worth is only expressed through her physical beauty, or that the ad campaign seems to be aimed only at a specific demographic -- but the one criticism that we hadn't heard is the one you might not have initially expected. What about the men? What about our own negative feelings about our beauty? Don't men deserve help realizing their own self-worth? Even in a world where men generally seem to have more opportunities and privilege than their female counterparts, shouldn't our hurt feelings also be addressed? Well finally someone decided to answer that [...]

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Ever Wonder Why Your Mother Told You Never to Date A Musician? (bsfw)

Because reasons. [source] Hey, maybe she's into Brass to Mouth. Don't judge.  

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Perhaps You’d Like to See Some Crazy White People Today?

He's the GOOD guy You know how you sometimes think, "Hey I'll log on to twitter and enrich my life with some intelligent internet banter" and the first crap you see is some putz bitching that there isn't a white history month? Well start that ish up up now because Oh. My. God. The pure level of what the f*ck happening here is mind-boggling, but let's see if we can try to break this down: Dude picks up a homeless stoner/skater/surfer hitchhiker named Kai, despite the fact that Kai has a hatchet and sounds like Jeff Spicoli, because Fresno. Then the DRIVER (who was Six feet tall and over 300 pounds) out of the blue starts telling Kai that he's Jesus Christ. THEN the driver sees a black person on a road crew, starts throwing out racial slurs then the driver HITS the black guy with his car, pinning him to a truck then the driver starts beating up a woman who was there trying to help And then Kai jumped into action  -- and he starts beating the crap out of the Jesus guy because Kai has a HATCHET, and we all know how that ends. And THEN (yes, there's even more) THEN some local TV crew wanted to try [...]

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