Awwwwww Get it Ranger Rick!

It's all fun and games until your lame old boss decides to join in the dance break with you and make everything corny. ..Right?   [source] Well, score one for management.

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BOOM Guess Who Stepped in the Room

STOP WHATEVER YOU ARE DOING. LIKE RIGHT NOW AND LOOK AT THIS They call her Dora the Destroyer.   ..And this is what she does. Her real name is Terra, and the footage is from an annual break dance competition called Chelles Battle Pro.  No hating on her opponents, who have got some moves of  their own -- but when she slices the neck!? YO BOY IT'S OVA!!!   Tell Shabba-Doo and Turbo they can go ahead and sit this one out, because this Rec Center is SAVED .   Services NOT needed.

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Oh So We Naming The Booty Now? Is That How It Is?

Ever since CNN anchorman Anderson Cooper shared details of his sexual identity with the world, the Internet has had something of a fascination with making hay of any time he does a story where he lets down his professional guard a little. Or to put it more simply -- every time the man talks about butts it goes viral. Which brings us to the other day when he had one of the Real Housewives of whatever on there, plugging (see what I did there) her new workout video, which not only promises to give you a "Stallion Booty" -- but also is apparently far superior to another workout video by another Real Housewife of whatever who is offering to give everybody a "donkey booty." Ever the intrepid reporter, Anderson Cooper just had to get to the ..bottom of all this. OK.  Let's just stop the train here for a second. First of all -- what WORKOUT is this? Isolating the muscles?  Is that what we're calling it now? Back at the strip club I used to DJ, we used to call that "She only works for tips fellas, only one song left to show her your appreciation (Peaches to the DJ booth, please..)" I don't watch this show, so clearly I'm missing [...]

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No Means No, Dude

I'll always loved this tune -- but every now and then (especially if you haven't seen this video in a while) you kind of realize that if anyone other than Michael were to try this approach on a woman on a city street corner in the middle of the night all you'd really end up with is a mouthful of mace and a restraining order.   That being said, I used to try to step to girls back in the day with the "You knock me off of my feet now baby, HOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!" line just because it was sort of ridiculous to hear it from a dude who looks like me. It got laughs and occasionally digits -- so it can't be all bad, right?   What are some of the craziest pick-up tricks you've ever tried?  

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