Heffa uses her 48NN breasts to give men massages

Y’all fools can’t never say I haven’t done anything for y’all!

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Kristy Love, 34, used to hate her curves but now her big boobs mean big business

Busty Kristy Love couldn’t get a job as a masseuse in a health spa because she was too big – but now she makes thousands massaging clients with her 48NN breasts.

The 34-year-old from Georgia, in the States, trained for her qualifications, only to be turned down for job after job.

But now Kristy makes as much as $1,300 a day – that’s more than £800 – treating clients to the ‘Happy Man Works’, which involves squashing them under her gigantic bosom and 23st body.

Some men want to be smothered with her 2st breasts, while other clients even get a kick from being hit over the head with them.
Big bosoms run in Kristy’s family – her eldest sister, Denise, 51, was also a size 52NN until she had them reduced to a more manageable H-cup. Kristy’s own chest started to develop early. At nine years old, she was already a B-cup and as she got older, they continued to fill out.

Although Kristy attempted to hide her bosom under high-necked tops and baggy shirts, it didn’t stop the unwanted attention and, when her back ached under the weight, she found herself cursing her big chest. Back then her buxom figure also seemed a hindrance rather than a help to her career.

‘When I finished beauty school, no one wanted to hire me. I got interviews but I kept getting asked if I’d be able to stand all day,’ says the singleton from Sandy Springs, Atlanta, who prefers to be known by her stage name instead of her real name, Rita. ‘People assumed my size would be a disadvantage. They’d never get back in touch.’

So Kristy decided to give massages from her home and, when one cheeky customer asked if she was going to keep her top on, the idea of giving massages with her ample bosom was born: ‘At first I was indignant and said I didn’t give those kinds of massages. I was ashamed of my body because I was so big.’

However, the more she thought about, Kristy realised she shouldn’t dismiss the idea completely and slowly realised that her big boobs could mean big business.

‘When I realised there might be something in breast massages, I put an advert in the local newspaper and the phone began ringing off the hook. At first it was difficult to get over my body issues, so I’d only give massages with the lights off.


‘But the more compliments I got from my clients, the higher my confidence soared. It has really helped me get over my low self-esteem. I love my body now!’

Not only does Kristy offer squashing, she also practises body gliding, which involves covering herself in oil and sliding over the customer.

As clients come in all shapes and sizes, Kristy admits she has to be extra careful with some. ‘This skinny old man came in and asked for the works. He looked like he weighed about 7st,’ says Kristy. ‘I asked him if he was for real and joked that he was trying to send me to jail for breaking his little old bones. We had to reach a compromise.’

In the past two years, Kristy’s weight has rocketed from 15st to 23st thanks to binges on big breakfasts, hamburgers and chips, fried chicken and her favourite snack – Krispy Kreme doughnuts.

Though business is booming, not everyone is as impressed with her curves. Her doctor has warned that her weight is unhealthy and prescribed diet pills which Kristy has thrown away, worried her boobs will shrink if she slims down.

‘My weight isn’t an issue at the moment, but the doctor was concerned it might be in the future. He said I was at risk of developing high blood pressure, diabetes or heart disease,’ she says. ‘But that doesn’t run in my family so it doesn’t bother me. I could be hit by a truck tomorrow, I can’t keep worrying about those things that might happen in the future. I just live each day as it comes.’



First of all bytch No!

Second of all bytch Hell No!

Third of all bytch hell fuggin’ No!

I can’t knock ol’ girl’s hustle but NO!

I mean what if the dudes ain’t clean and you rubbin’ your breasteses all over they stank nasty body!

And just ugh! NO!

Subway worker puts his penis on footlong sub

eatfreshGives new meaning to eat fresh *shrugs*

“It puts the penis on the bread”

From Huffington Post

A Subway “sandwich artist” admitted today to putting his penis on the store’s sandwich bread and posting the photo on Instagram.

The bombshell comes after HuffPost Weird News received several photos posted by two men in Columbus, Ohio, who work for the restaurant chain. Their Twitter and Instagram pages are festooned with photos of their exploits (see below). In several photos, Subway’s signature bread is shaped into penises.

One of the men, Cameron Boggs, admitted on Instagram that “today at work I froze my pee” in a water bottle.

Boggs posted — and later deleted — the most incriminating photo, which depicts a man rubbing his genitalia on foot-long bread. It was posted on Instagram by username “weedpriest” with a caption that reads, “My name is @ianjett and I will be your sandwich artist today.”

In an exclusive interview with HuffPost Weird News, Ian Jett copped to defiling the footlong, but denied doing the dirty deed at work.

“I would never do that at work — it was at home,” he said. “This isn’t something I’d ever do at Subway. It was totally a joke.”


I can’t even form words for this fool who froze his pee. Who even thinks to do that?

Social media has put the spotlight on what many teenagers have been doing at fast food restaurants for years. They are just too stupid to not realize posting the evidence of their shenanigans will get them fired with the quickness.

So we all eat at our own risk at any restaurant.

I guess we better be more diligent in blessing our food.

God is good, God is great please make sure random penis has never touched my plate. Amen

NO, Big Jamaican girl!! Noooooooooooooo!!!!

Dear Jamaicans…. Islanders…. No


You can literally see just where the life fly from his body and wait…..did a titty just pop out? for real???   This changes everything….

Yeah dude probably just died from this ish but… hey… titty.

Dammit! Nagging is never acceptable, ladies, and i’ll tell you exactly what nagging is.

A few months ago, we had a discussion in the Men’s Roundtable regarding nagging and how nagging is simply never acceptable behaviour for a woman. It was also stated and agreed upon by the majority of men there that nagging is a deal breaker and that under no exception should it be tolerated.


During the whole of the conversation, I became very interested in what I was hearing from the guys , but more so… what I WASN’T hearing from them. It was reiterated over and over in regards to how nagging is a seriously heinous act which is punishable by ‘f*cking your friends’ or ‘breaking up with you’, but curiously enough, only one of them could tell me what exactly nagging was and actually had facts n examples to prove his point. ol’ FB  was the  only one. Everyone else though, I needed clarification from ….. but was completely and seriously dissapointed by the big bag of nothing I got.

Matter of fact, the more I asked for clarification I was actually told: ‘Damn Slaus, why are you nagging!’


Over the past few months I have been asking many guys a series of questions – a series of questions designed to get the answers  I wanted but also to get down to the very root of what nagging is to a man.

But before I tell you ladies what many of you already know, let me show you one of the conversations  that i saved.

Slaus: …. so what exactly is the problem with your marriage? You’ve only been married a few years.
Guy: Well we might not get to see another year if she keeps nagging me about every little thing.
Slaus: Damn. Like what? What exactly is she nagging you about.
Guy: We have been looking into refinancing the house lately in order to get a better apr  since our current 9% is no joke. I told her I was going to look into getting some things knocked off my credit because my credit is the reason our rate is so high.
Slaus: Why don’t you just put it in her name. She makes GOOD azz GOOD money, fool… that way you can get that 2.3%apr, son! Shyt is lower than low these days.
Guy: Hell no, My name needs to be on this house. That way she can’t ever kick me out for anything.
Slaus: ‘k then. I guess……. I don’t understand the nagging part though.
Guy: Man all the time she wont shut up about me writing the credit bureau and getting my report to see what can be removed, and to also follow up with the mortgage people at XXXXXXX. I keep telling her I will get to it soon as I have the time. The more she keeps nagging me about it, the slower i’m going to move.
Slaus: Why haven’t you gotten the ball rolling though? I’m lost. 
Guy: Because I haven’t had the time to get everything in a row, or find the paperwork I need online.
Slaus: …son. seriously? You had time and money to go to the blackhawks celebration a few weeks ago. That was 3-4 hours right there you could have got shyt done.
Guy: Damn n*gga, now you are nagging to? Not a good look, Stan. Brb.


Yeah. So that actually happened.

There were several other conversations with several other guys of several different nationalities, races, cultures and other demographics, but one thing was clear….. nagging was a serious no no.  And when asked exactly what nagging was, 4%( because I actually did the math) of the time were examples of the woman truly being quite the needy-ass needy heffa. A heffa with no hobbies of her own, complaining that once a month her husband was going to go play cards at one of the other guy’s house… form church.. who’s wife was home upstairs who confirmed the guys were playing cards. Things like that.  But the other 96% of the time? THIS is what  I discovered nagging means….and some of you already know this… but those of who don’t, here it is…….

Webster’s defines nagging as:

  1. Annoy or irritate (a person) with persistent faultfinding or continuous urging.

What nagging REALLY is to men??

Nagging is repeatedly expressing the desire for a man to do an act that he knows he needs to do, but doesn’t want you telling him to do it.

Let me say it again.. a little differently…

To 96% of the guys I spoke to, nagging means that a partner is asking a man over and over again to do something he already knows needs to be done. He just doesn’t want you to keep ‘bothering’ him about it.

And let’s look at this… again…

Within the definition of nagging, is the fact you are bothering him to do something that he knows he needs to do…but he doesn’t want to feel like he is doing it just because you told him to.

and look at this…

It is a bother to 96% of dudes I spoke to, to be told…repeatedly..to complete a task…they know should be done….


Yes. I said it. I sure did. Because it seems to be the damn truth, people.

It is unacceptable for you to point out to your man…more than once…. your displeasure…over the fact he hasn’t done something that everyone knows.. needs to be done and.. and… many of these men openly admit that they will intentionally move slower on getting the task done…the more they are asked to complete the task….that actually does need to be done.



That’s nagging for the vast majority of dudes. not all dudes…. but the vast majority I am wagering.

I was the saaaame way and I was 31 flavours of a bytch for doing so.

These guy’s egos and feelings… are so soft… that they feel threatened by you pointing out things needing to be done. They want to do it when THEY are ready… not when it’s the most intelligent time to do it and definitely NOT when you ‘TOLD THEM’ it needed to be done because hey… you can’t ‘let these bitches run you like that’.

I know a guy right now who KNOWS he can’t have a car in his drive-way up on a ramp for repairs longer than 24 hours. He knows it…. the Homeowner’s Association has asked him repeatedly over the span of 3 weeks.. to take car down and put it in his garage if he intends to work on it. 3 weeks and now incurring fines for it! His reasoning:’ This is my house and i’m not going to be nagged by that HOA b*tch’. I asked him what his wife said about the fines, and he said:’ Oh i’m not telling her because if I do tell her, she is going to be nagging the sh*t out of me also. I’ll repair the car when i’m ready.’

You know what repair the guy needs to do? Brakes and oil. New Brake pads and oil, people. I don’t know if you know anything about cars but… brakes and oil??? a few hours… tops.

MY dumb ass. MYyyy dumb ass…. signed a document stating I need to have a certain number of trees on my property….I signed it.. I initialed it. But when the association came to me and told me I needed to get an additional tree installed within 4 weeks, you know what i did? I intentionally waited  6 weeks. I did it on purpose.  I admit it. I did. I balled up every notice they sent to the house and said: ‘ This is my house and i’ll put a new tree in when i feel like it. I’m not telling that lil bitch nag me into doing shyt.’ THEN the whole thing escalated with my wife having to call and email the HOA and apologize for MY bytchassedness and told them it must have been a clerical error but that she would get it handled.’ That’s when she let me know…… ‘my big-azz better go get a tree… THAt day.’

… and I did.

But see… I was no different than these other guys were and are today. Only difference is I am all about seeing through my own bullshyt these days because when you can see through your own lies and foolishness, it’s very easy to see it in others.

So the next time a man tells you to stop nagging? Ask him this…

‘am I asking you to do something that  actually needs to be done? If so… explain why you feel like it isn’t a priority.’

7 times out of 10.. he won’t be able to give you a real answer because it’s very difficult to actually tell someone something you know good and well is stupid.

… but remember though, ladies – you women are the foolish emotional ones for the continued ‘nagging’.  NOT the guys who won’t do what needs to be done….just because you asked..


Is this to say there aren’t some truly earth-disturbing broads out there? Not at all. There truly are some women out there who you just debate whether to not you should or shouldn’t push them into traffic real slick like. Hell I heard one story of a woman who kept nagging her boyfriend as SOON as he started playing video games. NOT because he played for hours every day, NOT because he was loud and obnoxious during play, but because her last boyfriend played video games too much for her taste and she decided none of the men she would date would be gamers at all. In the beginning he would cut the game off whilst she was at his apartment(no) but after he did that, she would complain that he was playing games at all when she wasn’t there and that he should grow up.

Meanwhile… this bytch… thought watching reality tv shows was quality television.

Luckily he broke up with that heffa.  So as you see… some of you women out there actually ARE some nagging azz ring-tailed heffaz. But from the past few months of talking with many of you and many other guys? Looking at my own past ridiculousness with it comes to nagging? Nawl…. more times that not, our definition of what nagging actually IS  as men? Is some boolshyt. When you call someone asking you to do shyt you know needs to be done; nagging?…. Maybe that isn’t nagging… maybe that’s us being whiny b!tches.


Even today when my wife is asking me about a task I was supposed to do, deep down there is still this little niggling feeling of annoyance inside me that acts as if what she is asking me to do is nagging. It’s not nagging… it’s her following up with me to find out if I DID the ish I said I would do..that needs to be done.  That’s when I quickly check my boolshyt…and just get it done.

Some dudes have told me that me going to DO what i was being ‘nagged’ about, is me being a bytch.

No.. it’s called being an adult.