Heffa uses her 48NN breasts to give men massages

WTF r u doin

Y’all fools can’t never say I haven’t done anything for y’all! Video Source Kristy Love, 34, used to hate her curves but now her big boobs mean big business Busty Kristy Love couldn’t get a job as a masseuse in a health spa because she was too big – but now she makes thousands massaging [...]

Blowpaste – Vegan, Gluten-Free Oral Sex Gel


*blinks* I’m just going to leave this here

Subway worker puts his penis on footlong sub


Gives new meaning to eat fresh *shrugs* “It puts the penis on the bread” From Huffington Post A Subway “sandwich artist” admitted today to putting his penis on the store’s sandwich bread and posting the photo on Instagram. The bombshell comes after HuffPost Weird News received several photos posted by two men in Columbus, Ohio, [...]

NO, Big Jamaican girl!! Noooooooooooooo!!!!


Dear Jamaicans…. Islanders…. No You can literally see just where the life fly from his body and wait…..did a titty just pop out? for real???   This changes everything…. Yeah dude probably just died from this ish but… hey… titty.

Dammit! Nagging is never acceptable, ladies, and i’ll tell you exactly what nagging is.


A few months ago, we had a discussion in the Men’s Roundtable regarding nagging and how nagging is simply never acceptable behaviour for a woman. It was also stated and agreed upon by the majority of men there that nagging is a deal breaker and that under no exception should it be tolerated. During the [...]

It’s like the entire internet in one damn video.


I think watching random videos from the internet should be apart of this nutritious breakfast n ish. You should be sat down at a table and served some fruits, grains, water infused juice and some gatdamn youtube ignance to get your day started. Consider this a damn slaus approved way to start the day. The [...]

The Trayvon Martin Jury…zero blacks in the jury box? What are YOUR thoughts on this.


SANFORD, Fla. — A jury of six women, five of them white and the other a minority, was picked Thursday to decide the second-degree murder trial of George Zimmerman, a neighborhood watch volunteer who says he fatally shot Trayvon Martin, an unarmed black teenager, in self-defense. Prosecutors have said Zimmerman, 29, racially profiled the 17-year-old [...]

3 minutes of pure WTF! It is all Phenomblak’s fault!

WTF r u doin

this is why I need new friends! better friends! good friends! shoot maybe just no friends! This fool Phenomblak hits me up on twitter talking about “I didn’t do it I swear” with this video link in the tweet. Like a dummy I click the link and well then I was like: They are dead [...]

Edible Anus Chocolate


Can something so tasteless possibly taste good? That’s the question people are no doubt asking regarding “Edible Anus,” a line of chocolates from Great Britain that, true to its name, come in the shape of an anus. Each box comes three tush truffles — in white chocolate, milk chocolate and dark chocolate. Luckily, no one [...]

Professional Athletes are Just Like Us


Millionaire sports stars get a bad rap because they make piles of money for playing kids games and then get mad when they don’t get paid more every year or someone hassles then for owning guns or smoking weed or shooting deer hormones into their bloodstream. It’s like they live in a completely different world, amirite? [...]

When You See It


Honestly, did NO ONE look over the proofs before signing off on this? You know, it’s one thing for there to be stupid people, because that’s a universal constant.  But it takes some truly special forces to align for this sort of magic to happen and then be approved by others whose job it is to [...]

Brad Paisley’s New Song “Accidental Racist” is Why We Can’t Have Nice Things


This might sound weird — but I’ve lived in the Southern United States for the better part of my life, yet I’m still shocked every time I see a confederate flag. Oh they’re here — make no mistake about that, but contrary to what you might think you don’t really see them all that much. [...]

How’s the Weather in Houston?


Living in Florida as I do, you eventually get used to the fact that if something marginally news-worthy happens that local TV producers will always try to jazz up their reporting on it by finding the most redneck/hoodrat/stoner local eyewitness they can in order to slob the whole thing over with the kind of local [...]

Lindsey Vonn’s Best Girlfriends Aren’t Very Good at Their Job


Turtle Princess: Hey girl hey, so a little birdie told me you posted some news on your Facebook, so come on — spill the deets! Lindsey Vonn: Weelll, you know how I’ve not been answering text messages and letting your phone calls go to voice mail? Turtle Princess: Hmmmph, Do I ever. Like something’s more important than [...]

Definitely the classiest tip you could leave.


  ……. I hate people who don’t tip but…. this made me chuckle for maybe .06 seconds before I went straights towards embarrassment and disgust… Seriously azz seriously? n*gga wasn’t too broke to go eat though….   Ugh.  

I dunno what i'm putting here yet. It'll be something ignorant though.
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