20 02, 2015

Couple outbid woman on her dream home. Woman tries to get them raped.

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I'm not even making this boolshyt up, planet Earth, I am not even making it up. Now many of us have watched hours and hours of HGTV on a Sunday afternoon and bytch don't sit there and act like you haven't.  We see these people on shows like Property Brothers find the house with so much potential that can be made into their dream home or they are on House Hunters looking to find the home of their dreams already and set to move in. Usually there is some drama about getting into bidding wars for these homes and more times than not, our loveable couple whom we are rooting for, gets the winning bid and they live happily ever after. But what about the bitter bytches that are the ones who end up being outbid? How do THEY go on with their lives? Well... this is the story of how a heffa SHOULD have just sucked up the loss and moved on but didn't ass didn't. Instead, THIS heffa goes on a year long harassment and terror campaign where she tries to get the winning couple Beat up and even raped. Yes. Raped. All kinds of just raped. According to PEOPLE, married couple Jerry Rice and Janice Ruhter had outbid Kathy [...]

19 02, 2015

The Beyhive is upset at unretouched photos of their queen.

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First of all let me just put it out there first and foremost that from the bottom of my heart I just feel the need to say what other bloggers are afraid to and that is this: The Beyhive can eat a dick. I like Beyonce. I likes her plenty. I think her music is awesome, her performances are amazing and I truly believe she is a most talented artist. But I hate the beyhive with the burning fire of a thousand stars. The Beyhive are to Beyonce fans as the West Boro Baptist Church are to Christians.  Yeah I said it. But I digress. ..they can still eat a dick'tho. More than 200 unretouched photos from Beyonce's 2013 L'Oreal cosmetic campaign were leaked on a fan site called The Beyonce World on Tuesday, showing fans that she's human like everyone else.   The 33-year-old superstar, known for her hit track Flawless, appears to have uneven and pimply skin under heavily applied foundation in the pre-Photoshop images. Beyonce has yet to comment on the unretouched photos, which were immediately taken down by the website soon after they were posted. (They were picked up by Complex and Gawker.) The outtakes appear to be from Beyonce's adverts for L'Oreal's Feria and Infallible products, which [...]

10 10, 2014

Comic Strip – I draw the line at clowns.

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For many people who love American Horror Story, the season premiere was everything that is awesome. But for those of us who are also terrified of clowns, it was some ol BOOOOLSHYT!!!  I sat down to enjoy the show and ended up scarred for life.